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Hello everyone Now I found this site last week and published a story about my first experience with another man Now, I liked it so much, sauna gay sucking a man was the first time to go back and try again. I just came from there and now my wife, so I thought I would give to know all about my latest adventure. The warm feeling at work this afternoon, think again sucking cock, I decided to come early to work and return to the sauna. came and changed, went to the shower and someone had withn a minute in the shower looked closer and my cock and pushing it out and did it by accident while doing the shampoo. Soon I felt his hand grab my cock and start to masturbate, God, I was so difficult. I looked impressive 7. 8 inch cock hard and I just had to endure. I dropped to my knees and sucked the best I could and within minutes he told me he was coming, did not stop sucking and then felt his balls and pullSeconds later I felt his cum hit my tongue and throat, bbwhunter God, is so beautiful (no wonder girls like that!) I drank and ate the lot. I have dry and then went into the private room is very dark there and take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust, but you can listen to other activities. See if I could, I saw about six guys all suck and masturbate each other to build so i ends. Two guys came and sat beside me and started touching me, threw me a towel and the other was his mouth on my cock, he was very good and I was so hot. I asked them both to enter the massage room where I had all my fun the last time we went to a friend of theirs with us on the track. When I entered the massage room for me and three kids, I use it for me, so they did. A man pushed me into the massage table and oil, began to throw in my ass and finger - the sky! I love it when my wife does bbwhunter (once a year). Tthere were two other guys pushed their cocks in my mouth. I sucked one and then another. One of them was about 5 inches long and thicker, longer, but not as thick. Then I took both of my mouth at once I felt so dirty. The type of the fingers of my ass then said he was one of condom as he wanted to 'make me in the ass ' trembling with anticipation. returned a minute later and put on a bbwhunter condom and put a little more lubricant bbwhunter on her ass and then began his bbwhunter cock, push God was electric ! I was not much of it, no more than two inches, but it felt heavenly. bbwhunter After a few minutes began to hurt, so he stopped and pulled. I was told to kneel and suck it all off. The guy who had done my back had his condom and offered me his cock, so I sucked. I took turns sucking them all and said it was okay and that I wanted some milk. must lie on the table and all masturbated in front of my face, I said they were all to come in my mouth, and said that it isld time all coming together. One of them had a watch and said he was going to count to 30 and then were all sperm in my mouth, all said they could do that. began to count. She started moaning and shaking everything and then when he reached 30, then the second and shortly after the third man spunk on my face and in my mouth, I was covered in it. I said bbwhunter licking my lips and then you have the juice to the face in my mouth and swallow everything I did, I had to swallow three times to get it all down ! A man was squiting out! had not yet reached this point, and they bbwhunter said they had started that way a man and suck me in about 30 seconds I could feel my bbwhunter orgasm coming, soon after having the most incredible orgasm when I entered the children face, I shouted for joy, drains me and gave me a kiss! That was very dirty, and I did not see it coming, my eyes were closed at the time. do not think I've been so hot and have undoubtedlynever been used to allow reached in my mouth a little texture and taste strange, but I do not know bbwhunter what he knows of, but can not find it salty, very nice. I'd like to share my experience with my wife, but I have much fear. It is not tolerant at all, not even talking about fantasies ( she said she has nothing! ) Not so white, how they would react. If any girl out there with a look at this, what I do, please let me know, I would like to hear some girls look at gay sex is a turn on for girls to see two people as it is for the kids to see two girls together ? Would you appreciate your opinion. to bbwhunter
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